Globe Trotter

As a well accomplished and recently awarded, with the Best SMP Artist- UK/Europe- Bronze award, Jay Grewal now has his sights set on his next global venture. Recently ELIXIR visited India, creating a huge hype and making history throughout, his time out there.

After his recent success at the Meeting of the Minds 2023, Jay is even more determined to make SMP as well known as it can be worldwide. With SMP on the rise as the most effective and efficient hair loss solution, ELIXIR is well on their way to becoming a house hold name within the industry.

Mumbai Here We Come!

After many successful trips and training classes in Dubai, ELIXIR was excited to take SMP to Chandigarh and Mumbai. As mainstream and well known SMP is, Mumbai has never had an SMP artist of this caliber visit there before, the turnout was nothing of amazing and humbling. Being in the heart of India, amongst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Jay was able to teach around 15 students, with most of them starting their own SMP business soon after. SMP in India was a huge success as many individuals believe that this procedure is fast on the rise. The best SMP started in the UK and fast became well recognised. SMP at ELIXIR has also been recognised around the world with Jay being invited to places such as Dubai, Canada, Mumbai and Chandigarh. SMP in India is now fast on the rise thanks to Jay at ELIXIR, with history being created on his most recent trip.


After training a number of students mainly in Dubai, with some of them having a successful SMP business’s today. After holding their first ever training class in Mumbai, Jay trained a circa of 15 students with whom he is also in touch with on a regular basis.

Not only does Jay at ELIXIR hold the initial classes he takes get pride in offering mentorship with all of his students, in helping them become the best in SMP. Not only is Jay at ELIXIR fantastic at his craft and one of the best in SMP within the UK/Europe, he is also a master at training individuals from all across the world and ensuring that theya re set up in conquering this amazing and striving industry.

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