Expect a warm welcome from Jay and the team when you arrive at our India location, where your end result is our main goal. Not only is your SMP journey important to us but so is your experience. Relax and enjoy your experience in a beautiful and sterile environment, where nothing but the best SMP equipment and pigment are used. Book your consultation today!

As a business Elixir Pigmentation London has had a close relationship with clients from India, as we have experienced great recognition right from the very beginning. From the infancy of Elixir up until now we have great relationships with world class hair transplant doctors, who have partnered with Elixir to provide the best possible outcome, for each individual client. Some clients at Elixir have ranged from various VIPs to celebrities within India. Over the years we’ve had many of our clients travel to us here in the UK, if we have been unable to travel out to India. This with the pure vision of achieving that Elixir finish. It has been very important to us to ensure that we maintain our Elixir vision of ensuring each SMP journey is achieved to the highest standards.