What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

The one question we are asked often is what is scalp micropigmentation, and certainly it is a good question, otherwise how does one reap its benefits.
Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical method which replicates hair follicles or strands by using natural pigments at the dermal level of the scalp. SMP does not contribute to hair growth, although some clinical research indicates that the needling used in SMP can contribute to hair growth stimulation.

A good SMP Artist will take their time to study the client’s head and provide in-depth feedback. At Elixir, your SMP Artist will not only study the area of concern but also evaluate the direction of the hair growth pattern, the pigmentation of the hair, and study the general condition of the scalp. The SMP Artist will record each pigment shade found on the client’s scalp to replicate a natural hairline, should the client go ahead with the treatment.

The SMP Artist will use a three point micro needle creating the smallest impressions of hair follicles ensuring this replicates the current hair follicle in size and direction. Elixir Pigmentation London only use natural vegan friendly organic pigments, giving a longer lasting effect. The pigment will then be inserted by a micro needle into the epidermis layer of the skin. Unlike tattooing, SMP does not go further than the second layer of the skin and nor does the shade of the pigment change to a blue or green colour compared some tattoos.

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Elixir SMP Treatment Cycle


Very light reserved treatment this session will consist of a new hairline design and side profile adjustments.


A darker pigment is applied using a different needle configuration to imitate and create a 3D illusion of short hair.


A further session may be required to make any final adjustments or changes.


How can SMP help you?

SMP is a good treatment for both men and women, and works differently depending on your hair loss and the look you wish to achieve. SMP creates an illusion of a full head of hair giving it a natural appearance and can be used in many ways to meet the clients demands, whether it is to cover a small area of thinning or give the appearance of a closely shaved head.

The treatment furthers restores the natural close-shaved look by adding the appearance of hair follicles, the same process for thinning hair, it does so by providing both coverage and density.

SMP treatment is beneficial to those suffering from all types of hair loss regardless of colour, skin type, and age. It provides a permanent solution for camouflages of all forms of alopecia, hair thinning, receding hairlines, crown balding, scarring due to accidental, burn and birthmarks and even providing density to those who have had a hair transplant.

SMP can enhance one’s current appearance especially for men who might have a receded hairline and want this reconstructed, looking sharp, natural, broken, whichever suits you best. Our SMP Artist will take time to experiment the different hairlines and temporarily draw any suggestions you have until the right one has been selected.

Overall, SMP can help achieve the density and coverage as long the client is a candidate for the treatment. Our SMP Artist will also inform you during your free consultation if SMP can meet your expectations, and if so, how so.

So book your free consultation with us now and let us tailor make your SMP package