smp for alopecia

Alopecia is considered as a general term for hair loss, there are different types of alopecia that scalp micropigmentation can help with in terms of giving the appearance of hair follicles.

Alopecia areata is the most common type, it does not cause any scarring, and often starts as a small coin-sized patch of hair loss. The patch size may increase or decrease over time, but it is impossible to state the speed of both hair regrowth or hair loss. SMP can help to disguise the visibility of the patch on the scalp, by camouflaging the alopecia patch by bridging the gap between the hair and bare patch. Alopecia totalis is a more extreme form of alopecia affecting the whole scalp. SMP can provide you with a hairline and a closely shaved appearance if you wish to opt for this treatment.

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How can smp help you?

Alopecia universalis is when larger areas like the whole body and whole scalp are affected, as mentioned above, SMP can help to give the appearance of a closely shaved appearance and a hairline if you are suffering from universalis or totalis alopecia.

The number of sessions that may be required to camouflage a alopecia patch is dependent on the speed of hair loss/ regrowth of hair. However, we would usually recommend three sessions to get a dense coverage. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that you could experience other patches of hair loss on your scalp which you may want disguised.

It is advised to keep a 7 to 10-day gap between each treatment. Each session can take a few hours. Downtime recovery is absolute minimal.