The beginner’s course will consist of 3 days & will include ongoing guidance support post accreditation. This will help our graduates with the stability, confidence & insights within the industry, with the additional option of purchasing the relevant equipment.Our courses are dedicated and tailored to have you start your SMP career as soon as you complete the training course. The course content is created by the LDRS master trainers, embedding their experience, theory and visions to ensure you receive a high standard of training.Allowing you to learn that LDRS signature techniques first-hand.

START up kit included

  • Hairline Wax Pencils
  • Measuring Callipers- Flexi Ruler
  • 1 x Bottle Of Pigment (Pigment for 10 SMP procedures)
  • Measuring Syringes & Ink cups
  • Assortment Of Needles of Various Sizes
  • Scalp Mannequin
  • Fake Skin To Practice

*** Live model arranged by us ***

Machine options are available, as an addition


Beginners Training

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Quote from student“After extensive research into SMP training, I was happy that I came across LDRS. Jay helped me improve my knowledge and gave me the confidence to further my SMP career.”

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What our Beginners Course includes:

  • Understanding Alternative Hair Loss Procedures
  • Understanding the Science Behind The Skin On Our Scalp.
  • Contra Indications
  • Understanding Different Types of Hair.
  • Face Shapes & Different Hairline Designs.
  • Understanding the Equipment, Pigment, Needles, etc
  • Treating Scars
  • Density Procedures on Male & Female Clients
  • Mixing Pigment/Colour Theory
  • SMP Technique & Tips
  • Treatment Room Set Up and Clean Down
  • Photography Before & After
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Guidelines & Information
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    • Duration: 3 Days
    • Experience: None Required

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Leaders Academy What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Understanding hair transplants Understanding hair loss medication and alternatives Government Requirements & Licensing Health and Safety Setting up and understanding your equipment Introduction to the SMP machine Setting up your SMP Clinic Creating Hairlines How to carry out consultations Correct SMP techniques, placement layering and impressions How to prevent SMP from going wrong?

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Questions and answers- recap of previous day Social Media and marketing Ordering Supplies and discounts Medical/Consent Forms & T&C’s Pigment mixing and colour selection Client preparation Live demonstration How to price up your treatment/procedures The importance of understanding client aftercare – post procedure

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Questions and answers Contra indications Anatomy and Physiology Setting up your treatment room Scar camouflage workbook Taking phots and edits Theory examination Practical model examination Certificate awarded.

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Once you have graduated and completed your course, support will be available for you. As much as LDRS wants to educate, it’s vital for us to ensure our previous students, receive support along the way. LDRS takes pride in ensuring our students are comfortable and ready to take on such a life changing career, which comes with a ton of responsibility attached. Support will be offered with 6 months of mentorship and a lifetime of support. Students will always have the opportunity, to get in touch with their master trainer.