SMP is an innovative, customisable technique that can be mastered to achieve great results when giving the illusion of hair. If male pattern baldness has now started to affect you and you’re seeking a low maintenance shaved head appearance, then opt for a naturally, closed shaved look with SMP. This form of treatment also works wonders for those struggling with hair growth yet desire the appearance of hair.

At Elixir, we will discuss your desired look, hairline and expectations. We will draw your preferred hairline until we find the best one. We truly believe the right hairline on the right individual is all it takes to create that enhanced appearance for a great close shaved look.

A client seeking to undergo a buzzcut treatment will see a gradual build-up of density. This will be a subtle change spread over three sessions, that only close family and friends might detect. It is advised to keep a 7 to 10-day gap between each treatment. Each session can take a few hours. Downtime recovery is absolute minimal. However, please note, you are advised not to wash hair for 4 days after each treatment for best results.

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hairstyle reconstruction

choose your hairline

Hairline reconstructions available as soft defined and broken finishes

straight edged up

straight edged up





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Scalp micropigmentation is a great technique of eliminating the visibility of the scalp, by reducing the illusion of hair loss with SMP coverage.

Some men (and women) may notice that their hair is thinning in certain areas and may want to use SMP to provide coverage to the area in concern. This treatment will provide immediate results and provide an illusion of thicker hair bridging the gap between the hair and the bare scalp.

Clients can continue to use other hair loss solutions and medications whilst opting for this certain treatment, especially if they wish to opt for a hair transplant at a later stage. It is advised to keep a 7 to 10-day gap between each treatment. Each session can take a few hours. Downtime recovery is absolute minimal.

receding hairline becoming a worry?

SMP can provide plentiful hairline styles, desirable by clients. Hairlines can drastically enhance your facial appearance, by providing a contoured facial structure.

You can even bring some photos of desired hairline and looks but remember it’s not one fits all. However, don’t worry, if you don’t have any preference, let us walk you through the world of hairlines, the above are just a few of many.

We can edge them up, break them up or even dust them off, this will all be discussed in your free consultation. SMP is known for providing a remarkable solution to receding hairlines or reconstructing current hairlines.

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Hair Transplant/SMP Combo

Hair transplant and scalp micropigmentation combinations are becoming a popular treatment.

Some clients prefer to get SMP carried out 6 months after their hair transplant procedure to provide extra density that may not have been achieved due to limited donor area.

Others may prefer to get SMP done prior to getting a hair transplant to ease and build the gradual transformation of thicker hair. Furthermore, some clients also prefer getting SMP done before a hair-transplant, this is to reduce the number of grafts extracted, as SMP would provide coverage to the recipient area.

This combination works great for those wanting to achieve a fuller set of hair. Clients who have undergone a hair transplant may not have reaped the results they had hoped for and might opt for SMP instead as opposed to another hair transplant.

We work with leading hair transplant doctors and can direct you for a free consultation and honest advice, if this is the type of treatment you are seeking.