meet our MASTER ARTIST and founder
Jay Grewal

At Elixir Pigmentation, we believe in order to provide our client’s with a great experience, it is essential for our team to be well informed and knowledgeable of our clients expectations.

Our Master Artist, Jay Grewal has been in this industry for a number of years and Elixir Pigmentation was founded based on his personal experience of hair loss. Jay started noticing his hair thinning in his early twenties.

‘It made me extremely conscious and aware of my appearance, especially when people would talk to me. I always felt like they were examining my hair loss and looking at my head. Maybe it was in my mind but nevertheless, I felt extremely conscious.’

Like most people suffering from hair loss, Jay also underwent a FUE hair transplant and tried other popular choices like using minoxidil, medication, hair fibres, and other concealers to either stimulate hair growth or disguise the hair loss. However, over time Jay noticed that the surrounding area of the hair transplant had started to thin, and his hair started to look sparse. After extensive research, Jay discovered scalp micropigmentation and was amazed with the brilliant results it achieved.

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Gurps Pank

As Elixir has expanded so has our team. Our latest edition to the Elixir team and a very popular Elite Artist, Gurps has embodied the mantra that has helped Elixir become what it is today. Starting off as our very first client back in 2016, Gurps has shown tremendous empathy and dedication, to each individual client. This comes with Gurps very own journey with hairloss, which he started experiencing at a very young age. Not only does Gurps bring with him the skill set and knowledge of SMP, he also brings sheer dedication in helping Elixir and the SMP industry evolve as a whole.

In early 2021 Gurps signed up to SMP training, which was being led by our Master Artist Jay Grewal, to ensure his experience and knowledge aligned with our expectations. He is most certainly a true example of industry led practitioners who has a passion for changing lives of those suffering from hair loss and places a great effort in achieving high standards. Today Gurps is a much-valued member within our Elixir team.

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Elixir pigmentation

Based on our SMP Artist’s personal hair loss journey and experience, this led Jay to embark on learning about scalp micropigmentation. Jay has been trained by not only the world’s master technicians but the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation at a time when SMP was only known by a few. Jay is a well respected, reputable SMP artist who is well known in the scalp micropigmentation industry. Many hair transplant doctors around the world recommend Jay at Elixir to both post hair transplant and non suited patients.

Furthermore, Jay’s barbering experience enables him to take into account the latest trends and fashion when advising clients on the maintenance of various hairstyles. Jay is the perfect artist when it comes to combining barbering and scalp micropigmentation to achieve the best possible look.

As one of the world’s fastest hair loss solution, SMP is now widely known by both hair loss medical institutions and individuals suffering from hair loss. Jay has truly mastered scalp micropigmentation internationally. He recently launched scalp micropigmentation in India as the first SMP artist and works in Chiswick (London -UK), Chandigarh (India) and Dubai (UAE) attracting clients from all over the world.

Jay understands the importance of hair loss and how this can affect others self-esteem, confidence and can be time consuming for those using colourant products. Jay delivers an exceptional standard in his procedures, followed by a personal after care service, making Jay one of the more popular SMP artists worldwide.

“I strongly feel in order to provide honest advice to my clients it is my duty to keep their expectations real. Therefore, I always conduct a thorough consultation with all my clients to understand their vision, talk through the procedure and what it entails. If I feel they make a good SMP candidate only then I carry out the treatment otherwise advise clients of other suitable alternatives.” – Jay Grewal

why choose us?

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Honest Advice

Our practitioner will always provide honest advice to whether you are an ideal candidate for SMP or not (and what other hair loss solutions may be advisable).

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Gold standard service

We are known for our gold standard of service which sets us apart from other clinics. We ensure your experience from start to finish is handled by the same practitioner.

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PERSONALIsED treatment pricing

We can offer flexible payment plans.

Who we are?

At Elixir Pigmentation London, we believe that small changes can make a big difference and sometimes the small change is the first step that needs to be taken.

We understand that losing hair can be a difficult time and can drastically change our appearances which can sometimes lead to low self-esteem. We feel that hair-loss shouldn’t prevent someone from achieving less. We understand the struggles that both men and women undergo when they experience hair-loss and the methods used to disguise hair-loss.

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who we are?

We believe that good practice comes with passion and experience, and at Elixir we are passionate in ensuring that every client’s treatment is carried out to the highest standard. Based in the suburb of Chiswick, Elixir is in easy access of good transportation links. Our Discreet clinic provides a stress-free atmosphere to all those who walk in. We have good restaurants and cafes located on Chiswick high street which is in close proximity of our renowned clinic allowing clients to nip out for a short breaks between treatments or they can enjoy a peaceful moment overlooking the historic Turnham Green. We pride ourselves in creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for the client so they can feel at ease during the treatment.

We commit ourselves at Elixir Pigmentation to provide our clients with a stress-free treatment package and pride ourselves in our utmost hygienic, sterilised and relaxed environment. We promise you will walk out with confidence with the best possible result.

SMP at Elixir pigmentation

In order to get a great treatment it is extremely important for clients to consider not only the clinic they visit but also the practitioner.

Many larger clinics may employ practitioners to conduct a certain number of treatments on a daily basis, but however, here at Elixir, we believe SMP involves time, high level of concentration and dedication. This is why all our procedures are carefully carried out by the same practitioner from start to end to ensure that every client has a point of contact, after all you may be spending the best part of a day with your practitioner. So to ensure you receive a Gold standard treatment, contact us and we can start sooner than later.

Not only are we replicating infinite hair follicles but it’s about going a step further in increasing our client’s confidence; helping them with their self-esteem and, moreover, reducing their daily ritual time of disguising hair loss. We believe that restoring our client’s confidence improves their wellbeing, diminishes their self-conscious concerns and enables them to focus on the things that really matter in life.

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Elixir pigmentation

No one should have to deal with this problem alone or let hair loss become a major focal point of their life. There is now a solution.

At Elixir we also pride ourselves on the aftercare we give each client, we maintain contact by a routined courtesy call to ask how clients are getting out with their treatment. We advise them on how they should maintain their hair, hairstyles, haircuts and also keep them update on any offers we release to our existing clients. We will also ensure that each client receives a welcome package when they come in for a free consultation so they are kept informed on care instructions and have useful contact information.

Our treatment is an elixir to the scalps life and our slogan literally reflects our work; infinite dots and beyond