Following a successful circa 8 years within the industry Jay Grewal at ELIXIR was awarded the Best SMP Artist within the UK/Europe- Bronze, at the most recent Meeting of the Minds Awards 2023. Seeing as UK is the birth place of SMP and a very competitive market, this accolade means that much more, to Jay Grewal.

Meeting of the minds is the official SMP conference and award ceremony, which brings the biggest SMP artists altogether from all over the world. Theres nothing bigger for an SMP artist then the Meeting of the Minds conference and awards show. Bring on next year!

Jay Grewal at ELIXIR was recognized and acknowledged as one of the best and brightest artists within the whole of the UK/Europe. Not only being awarded for his artistic flair he was awarded this accreditation based on being a high quality innovator and educator within the SMP industry.

Best smp artist UK


This award is often given to those individuals who have continuously strived for perfection and created amazing results throughout their career, be it a short or long journey. Unlike most awards this award cannot be bought and is awarded based on ones own merit. Jay Grewal at ELIXIR was awarded this for his vast contribution, since starting ELIXIR back in 2016.

Working within one of the most competitive countries in the world (UK), Jay Grewal has fast become a household name amongst his peers and everyone within the industry. Jay Grewal at ELIXIR was quickly recognized as a rising star back in 2019 and since then has solidified his brand and signature style since.

Now being recognized world wide Jay Grewal has created his own niche within this industry, with a number of VIP clients travelling from overseas to get a procedure done at ELIXIR by Jay himself.


Most recently Jay has completed a middle eastern tour completing a number of procedures and training over 15 students within Dubai and Mumbai just this year alone.

Alongside keeping his schedule busy with clients, Jay Grewal is looking at new opportunities and setting his sights on something bigger and better. Working within the background at ELIXIR, we are excited for what the future holds, yes this means a growing team and possibly various new locations.

Best smp artist in the world

Jay Grewal’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring and is proof that hard work and determination can get you anywhere. Winning this award has solidified Jay’s SMP expertise and is acknowledgement that Jay and ELIXIR are well on their way at becoming recognised as a global talent within the SMP industry.

Jay Grewal arguably the best SMP artist within the UK and now Europe!

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