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Why Should You Think About Scalp Micropigmentation Training in Dubai?

With scalp micropigmentation becoming one of, if not the most popular hair-loss solution, it comes as no surprise of the demand and attention it creates for individuals looking to sign up for SMP training in Dubai. Statistics show that by the age of 35 there is a 25% chance that you could experience hair loss, […]

Suffering from Partial Long or Short Hair Loss? Cosmetic Hair Tattoo/Scalp Micropigmentation to Tackle the Problem

With ageing, most of us suffer from receding hair, balding or thinning hair. Now you may wonder if you are a good candidate for cosmetic hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation/SMP to help disguise this hair loss problem. So, we would be glad to provide you with the knowledge and confidence that when you have hair […]

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