With ageing, most of us suffer from receding hair, balding or thinning hair. Now you may wonder if you are a good candidate for cosmetic hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation/SMP to help disguise this hair loss problem.

So, we would be glad to provide you with the knowledge and confidence that when you have hair loss regardless with existing short or long hair we can help you with cosmetic hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation.

Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation

You may be new to the world of cosmetic solutions and have many questions about this industry, therefore we would love to help you gain some knowledge and answer any questions you may have about our services. Scalp micropigmentation is a method of cosmetic hair tattoo to create the illusion of shaven hair follicles for your scalp, taking in to consideration ethnicity, hair length and the shape of your head with the overall result of densification.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Possible for Long Hair?

Yes, SMP also works on long hair but the way is different than the way for baldness SMP. Scalp micropigmentation makes thinning hair dense, so your hair looks denser.

Who is Eligible for Long Hair Scalp SMP?

Female Pattern Baldness in Women

The most commonly reported hair loss problem in women is female pattern baldness. This may be due to hormonal imbalances or hereditary. In this case, women experience hair loss and hair thinning generally on the crown and on top of the head. Now there are many treatment options to slow down the process of hair fall, but SMP is the best for long hair densification.

Male pattern baldness in Men

Some men may have hair loss in the front of their head or on the top of their head, mostly due to genetic reasons and ageing. Scalp Micropigmentation can assist with enhancing a hairline or reconstructing a new hairline along with different types of fades and overall densification.

Diffuse thinning in Men and Women

A condition that causes loss of hair in the specific region of the scalp, opposite to alopecia or pattern baldness. The reason for diffuse thinning may be the side effect of some medicines or stress. This condition does not cause a massive hair loss usually so can be covered up with SMP easily.

Alopecia in Men and Women

Alopecia is a hair loss disorder that occurs due to some immunological problems. This problem may affect your hair on head as well as eye brows. The severity of alopecia level varies from person to person. There is sudden hair loss in the sufferers with one or more patches. In case of small patches, you can opt for SMP to hide those patches instead of shaving all hair.

So, now after reading this blog, we hope you will be aware about your eligibility for SMP with both short or long hair. If you are having hair loss due to any other reasons you may ask for our help and guidance.

For further information , please simply contact us to arrange a free consultation on the phone, online or in person , we would love to answer your questions and explain to you how Scalp Micropigmentation is the beneficial up – to – date solution for hair loss for all.

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