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Beginner courses

LONDON – SMP Beginners Training  10th -13th August 2022

DUBAI – SMP Beginners  Training 7th – 10th September 2022

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This training course will consist of four days and will include post guidance support for six months to ensure stability, confidence and insights of the trade with the additional option of purchasing relevant equipment.

Our courses are dedicated and tailored to have you start your SMP career as soon as you complete the training course. The course content is created by both artists embedding their experience, theory and visions to ensure you receive a high standard of training.

We also provide a start-up kit, which contains the following equipment:

Hairline Wax Pencils
Measuring Callipers- Flexi Ruler
1 bottle of pigment (Pigment for 10 SMP procedures)
Measurement Syringes
A collection of the various needle in sizes
Scalp mannequin fake skin to practice

*Machine options are available, as an addition.

*Please note you will receive two certifications upon successful completion of your  training at two stages; first, once you have completed your actual training with Scalp Artist Academy and the second once you have submitted 3 case studies in your own time after training completion.

What does this Course Include?

Our Beginner Course Will Include

• Understanding Alternative Hair Loss Procedures
• The Scalp Skin and Science
• Contra Indications
• Understanding Hair
• Face Shapes and Hairlines designs
• Understanding Equipment Pigment, needles
• Treating Scars
• Density Procedures Male and Female
• Mixing Pigments/Colour Theory
• SMP Technique and Tips
• Treatment Room Set Up and Clean Down
• Photography Before and Afters
• Marketing and Social Media
• Guidelines and Information

Cost: £3,000.00

Duration: 4 Days

Experience : Not required

advanced training

Are you an experienced or new SMP practitioner, are you in need of some advice to carry out procedures or just require some assistance and guidance to build your confidence or are you ready to  upgrade your experience.

Well, this coaching option is for you!

Available for 1-2-1 training and 1-day visits at your clinic. Please contact us to create a custom training schedule to fit your requirements.

Cost: Enquire now

Duration 1-2 days

Experience: Must have completed basic fundamentals training.

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