Scalp Micropigmentation in Dubai

At the heart of all of our locations, there is no love like the love received when Elixir comes to Dubai. With our location situated within the heart of Dubai, your arrival to the time you leave, is our main priority. Ensuring you leave us feeling amazing. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you would see that we at Elixir frequently travel to Dubai, which is a country that has trusted us to bring that Elixir experience worldwide.

We have had clients within the UAE reach out to us especially, due to our high standards, which have become prominent within the SMP industry. Not only have we gained recognition for our procedures, we have also become one of the most popular, when it comes to SMP training. Elixir has trained many of the best, who are now running successful clinics within the UAE. Our attention to detail and signature touch, is what has achieved great success in Dubai, most recently on the LDRS Middle Eastern tour.

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure:

Initial Consultation: At this first stage of consultation, the SMP Artist would explain to you the SMP treatment plan tailored to your hair loss. They would answer any questions you may have and fully ensure you are comfortable with every stage of the SMP procedure and are fully aware of the aftercare.

Technique: The SMP procedure itself will mainly consist of the standard 2 or 3 sessions with each session lasting anywhere between 2 – 4 hours, depending on the hair loss and requirements.
The SMP Artist would use an artistic technique to ensure super- realistic blending into your existing hair, ensure you achieve the desired hairline restoration and to go above and beyond your final expectations.
This is all achieved with using top quality, modern and the best equipment available within the SMP industry along with the experience & passion from the SMP Artist.

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